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Fantasy Football Magazine is publication that seeks to focus on the fundamental tactics and strategies of the game we all secretly love to hate and hate to love.

The old adage that an FPL season is “a marathon, not a sprint” is bandied about all too often (usually by managers who have just had a terrible Gameweek, we hasten to add), but it is a mantra that we take very seriously.

It explains why some FPL managers are able to do consistently well every season. It explains why the leader of your mini-league always seems to get lucky with their picks. Indeed, viewing the game as a season-long battle of patience, tactics and skill rather than a week-by-week guessing game almost removes the element of luck entirely.

It is with this in mind that we set about putting together a publication that showcases the best and most useful content in the FPL community, written by the most reputable FPL experts on planet Earth. The secret to FPL success lies in the fundamentals, and it is these that the Fantasy Football Magazine will delve into.

The first edition shines the magnifying glass upon the final weeks of the Fantasy Premier League season – often as treacherous as they are thrilling. Though mini-league leaders may be starting to gloat, there is still a huge amount to play for, and navigating the minefield of blank Gameweeks, impending suspensions and when to use those oh-so-valuable chips (assuming you still have any at all) can all get a bit much for even the most hardened FPL veterans.

You won’t find captaincy tips and differentials punts here. You’ll find in-depth analysis from seasoned FPL pundits on game theory, using % ownership to your advantage, chip usage for Double Gameweeks, what we can learn from previous seasons and much, much more. Plus exclusive entry to an end-of-season mini-league with a cash prize for the winner, of course.

Whether you’re in this for pride, cash prizes or good ole’ fashioned bitter rivalry with friends and colleagues, read on. We’re here to help.